Win an exclusive VIP stage ticket upgrade during "Het Grote Songfestivalfeest 2024"

These are the best spots during the show, and not for sale.

We've reserved them for our most loyal fans.

Today is your chance to win these ticket upgrades for you, and your squad (with squad, we mean max. 6 people 😉).

There are 3 chances to win.

How? Simple, let me explain...

Let's be brutally honest. We want to create / edit amazing social media ads to market the event. And we need your help.

Nothing is better than real testimonials and voice-overs from excited fans, right?

So, grab your phone and film yourself inviting the world to come to "Het Grote Songfestivalfeest 2024" in Amsterdam.

We prefer selfie-videos where you talk into the camera.

You can upload the raw clips in this form, but you can also send an edited video. Here you can find some extra guidelines and inspiration.

We'll also highlight our favourite video's on our social media feeds (we'll tag you dw). You can apply until 14th of July 2024.

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